What we offer you:


  • Health and Wellness Programs

  • Purification 

  • Weight Loss Challenges

  • Whole Food Supplements

  • Herbals

  • Computerized Evaluations


  • Spinal Alignment -- gentle realignment

​          of the vertebra to relieve pinched nerves

          and restore normal function.

  • Therapeutic Ultra Sound -- to relieve

​           pain and swelling.

  • Muscle Stimulation -- to reduce muscle

​          spasm and increase circulation to speed


  • Vibration Therapy -- to soften tense,

           ​knotted ​​muscles and enhance relaxation.

  • Hot Moist Packs -- to relieve muscle spasm and provide relaxation.

  • Stretching & Muscle Strengthening --

​          exercises that can be done at home to                     rehab your injured spine and help to                       avoid future ​injury by adding strength                   and stability.